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"In that third year of the Kennedy Presidency a kind of fever lay over Dallas County. Mad things happened. Huge billboards screamed “Impeach Earl Warren.” Jewish stores were smeared with crude swastikas. Fanatical young matrons swayed in public to the chant, “Stevenson’s going to die–his heart will stop, stop, stop and he will burn, burn burn!” Radical Right polemics were distributed in public schools; Kennedy’s name was booed in classrooms; junior executives were required to attend radical seminars. Dallas had become the mecca for medicine-show evangelists of the National Indignation Convention, the Christian Crusaders, the Minutemen, the John Birch and Patrick Henry societies . . .

In Dallas a retired major general flew the American flag upside down in front of his house, and when, on Labor Day of 1963, the Stars and Stripes were hoisted right side up outside his own home by County Treasurer Warren G. Harding–named by Democratic parents for a Republican President in an era when all Texas children were taught to respect the Presidency, regardless of party–Harding was accosted by a physician’s son, who remarked bitterly, “That’s the Democrat flag. Why not just run up the hammer and sickle while you’re at it?" - William Manchester, Death of a President.


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f you've seen any of the Stieg Larsson inspired movies
like "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" you'll see
something in common between his female character
Lisbeth Salander and the female giving testimony
in the following YT video.
The CIA might have had her in mind when they destroyed
all records of MK-ULTRA. Steig Larsson books are
fictionalized renderings of a Swedish MK-ULTRA.
How else to tell the truth? Now Larsson is dead
and the creatures that are his family are
reaping the benefits.

Ted Kaczynski was 16 when he volunteered for CIA
experiments while at Harvard in the 1960's spending
3 years with CIA doctors and "living" to regret it.
Per Wiki:

The following 23 illustrations are useful summaries.
(Targ as in target as in Russell Targ?)

The updated technology behind the present day
dystopia involves the remote delivery of sounds,
voices, heat, to the head and body accomplished
by old technology variously named, "V2K,
"Voice of God", Microwave Hearing, EM and Herf.
This tech is now so old some of it is even used
on billboards One such billboard for a TV show
was on Prince St. in NYC. People walking on a
certain spot on the sidewalk would hear a
voice INSIDE THEIR HEADS saying, "did you hear that?".
Anyone not in that spot heard nothing.
(The You Tube vid has been taken down)

The government has perfected these
technologies over a period of 50 years.
They are no longer experimental.
Targets of these remote EM attacks are
often sleep deprived. He or she is seen to look
confused & disoriented. This provides something
called "plausible deniability" as in, "this person
clearly looks and sounds delusional. Who can
believe them?" Any attempt at reporting
this to authorities is met with derision and
referrals to psychiatrists.

If that challenges credibility how about this:
at first victims are not made aware that these
attacks originate from an outside source.
Using sleep deprivation they are rendered
dysfunctional.The person is allowed to think
they are paranoid and hearing voices. Unneeded
therapists, medication, and the constant moving
from place to place cause eventual insolvency
and social isolation which acts as an invisible prison.

50 years of "refining" their methods have rendered
hospitals, Universities, prisons and active military
obsolete as sources of volunteers. The technology
comes under the name neuroweapons. No warrants,
no legalities, permissions are needed.
These mercenaries go where
they want and no one, not even clergy
or other police, will move against them.

This hidden nightmare is known to quite
a few respected members of society.
Clergy, certain police, hospital staff and
therapists come into contact with victims
by virtue of their jobs. They do nothing
b/c there is nothing they can do w/o
having the same thing done to them.
The usual statements, "Why would someone do that?"
or "who would have the time?", "that doesn't happen
in America" are completely reasonable but are also
now completely wrong

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MY COMMENT from a site purportedly devoted to the stopping
of government sanctioned electronic harassment and
torture and directed at a commentor posing as a concerned
citizen but who is anything but.

These sites are filled with misinformation
provided by ppl whose job it is to trade misinformation
with themselves (sock identities)to give the impression
of real exchanges that happen on real sites. Every now
and then a dumb dumb we'll call "Targ", as in target,
stumbles in and exchanges info with ppl he thinks
are being electronically harassed and stalked by real
ppl using real technology simulating paranoia.
This has also been the delusion of paranoids
since the beginning of time.

The relevant part of thought broadcasting as it applies
loosely to Microwave Hearing, or V2K tech is that a
person experiencing extended sleep deprivation as a
result of electronic harassment starts to hear his
thoughts as if they are being spoken out loud.
They are not out loud but they are heard by as
if they were. This sleep disturbance can
be the result of insomnia, mental illness, drugs
or, as of the last 10 years, can be induced or
simulated by very real present day technology.

I think you know(fake poster), or should know
that the tech I'm talking about actually
involves the insertion of words into a
persons brain bypassing the ear or
the ability of anyone even within a inches of
hearing or detecting. The definition of
the tech I described involves thought insertion
by it's very nature and function.
Too bad this tech is not also a figment of
mass delusion. Things would be so much easier...or maybe not.

So um what are you going to do, give me a link as to
the "classical" definition of the above terms?
This site is loaded with them. I think you might like
to...just kidding.))
I know you never intended to confuse the issue.

The not so famous billboard in NYC that projected a voice
inside the heads of people passing underneath was a
classic example of old tech called V2K.
The voice could not be heard if you didn't
step in the right spot. It was getting kinda
famous which is why it was taken down from You Tube.

Now, as to why thought broadcasting or the equivalent
is never mentioned on sites devoted to government
approved torture is still something I would like to know?

I think I know the answer beyond my not so eloquent attempts
at describing a complicate process as it pertains to
filling up a persons head with verbiage 24/7.
Thought broadcasting probably happens with
everyone who experiences EXTENDED sleep deprivation.
This involves thoughts that are heard inside your head
as if they WERE SPOKEN and sometimes, believe it
or not, they are heard at a distance.

What happens when you COMBINE
V2K technology AND this amplified inner dialogue?
What happens when amplified thoughts sounds
exactly like what is heard from inputed V2K?
Perfect instrument of torture.

Sleep deprivation triggers the verbal centers of the
brain which means everything you think sounds like
it's being said out loud. (As in schizophrenia)
The two are combined into a very convenient torture
vehicle that mimics mental illness. This also
makes it impossible to describe to anyone in
a position of authority... which means you
are forced to keep your mouth shut.

Strangely enough, the above is made bearable
b/c the target is sleep deprived. Extended sleep
deprivation slows down the thinking process and
also prevents the object of torture from feeling very much.
This gives the perpetrators the freedom to inflict
suffering that would normally kill or send the
average person to a mental ward. The target can't
feel the effects emotionally but knows what is
happening to him or her. They become, in effect,
a zombie. They are alive, but not really.
They are not allowed to live or to die.

To say the least the above will diminish any
semblance of confidence or self image.
Boundaries and sense of self become, you might say,
become porous or non-existent. This seemingly out
loud thinking or thought broadcasting
also takes on the sound that is heard
24/7/365. The target cannot tell the
difference between me and not me.

What are the implications of that over a
period of months, years???
They become him and he becomes them from the
inside out. The boundary between torturers and
victims begin to merge. Victims can be
made to believe anything and do anything
if they are hit with the same message over
extended periods and sleep deprived.

Most of the drama described on You Tube blogs
is, most likely, false. They pile the
lies one on another until they take on
a life of their own. Then, as always,
they dissolve into seeming incoherence.
This is supposed to imitate the incoherence
of schizophrenia. This is the whole hidden message
of the blog. To give victims the sense
they are not alone and to send a normal person
running for the hills or to dismiss everything
he was coaxed so smoothly into reading.

Most of us know why cops and clergy are afraid to
take these guys on...

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Michael Crichton Doesn't Write His Books

I remember reading Timeline by Michael Crichton
and getting sucked in by the high concept quantum
foam wormholes and by the debunking of various medieval
myths about height and bathing habits. It was a combination
SF novel and history lesson. I started to notice some things.
Some clumsily childish use of words like when a literary speed freak
runs out of pills or powder. It kept happening and then I
realized that behind the concept there was a vacuum.
I knew who wrote it but I couldn't believe any one person
could write something so blatantly bad.
I've heard the guy is a sadistic SOB but what did I ever do to him?

I remember when Crichton did the book tour for Rising Sun.
The theme of the tour was the declining quality of American
goods and manufacturing. At a press conference a reporter
actually had the bad manners to ask Crichton about the
declining quality of his writing and was it reflective
of American writing in general? His answer was something
about leaving it to others, to history and to the ages
to decide his legacy. His intention wasn't writing
masterpieces, after all, because he was writing for his public
and bla, bla bla.

It was like, when he wrote Timeline, he was bored and, after
too many martini's, announced to himself I'm going to try to
write a crap book and we'll see if any reviewer has
the nerve to call me out and say he wouldn't use it for toilet paper.
Better yet, he might have said, I'll write the chapter outlines and I'll give
it to a ten year old to write. Nah, then they'll explain it away by
saying I'm writing a children's book. That will ruin everything.
Wait, I'll give it to Ann Rice and she'll get bored and farm it
out to her editors and that will be my manifesto on how to
write a bad book. Not only won't any reviewer have the nerve
to write a bad review but all my dedicated readers
won't notice the difference even after seeing, what will be,
an even worse, unspeakably crap movie. They'll just have
to keep coming back for more. And they will.

Not this time wormhole.